Crock Pot Mushrooms

This recipe was submitted by Eileen Shanks from Baraboo, WI on 6/11/2011.

Eileen Shanks had this fun fact about the Crock Pot Mushrooms recipe to share:
We made these during our Superbowl 2011 party & they were a smash hit..


1.5 packets of the yellow dry Italian seasoning (salad aisle)
1.5 sticks of butter
4 quarts of fresh mushrooms – I use button ones, but any fresh, whole ones will do

Cooking Instructions

Wash the mushrooms, drain, then put then in the crock pot. Cut up the butter into chunks & put the dry dressing on top. Mix it all together in the crock pot & heat – stir frequently. Use high heat for the first 30-60 minutes, then low is fine. The longer they cook, the better. 🙂 It will looks a little strage at first – takes at least an hour or two to look like anything good. Then watch out! You can’t stop eating them.


appetizers – great for any occasion

Nutritional Information


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