Mission Statement

Krueger & Hernandez is a safe haven for you and your legal issues to be solved in an open and friendly environment through open communication and the joint efforts of you, the attorneys and the entire team.  We are Real Lawyers for Real People.   Whether you have been injured by the negligence of another, in the work place or an adverse reaction to a vaccine,  we will level  the playing field of the legal system against big corporations, employers,  insurance companies and the government to ensure you receive the legal justice you deserve.  For estate planning, We provide guidance, education and enlightenment to all people of all economic levels, ethnic backgrounds and beliefs as to the importance of having an estate plan in place.  An estate plan will preserve your legacy of not only your material possessions but more importantly your loved ones and their relationship with one another.  Children matter most to us in all family law matters.  We will fight  to preserve a child’s protection.   In your divorce we help you realize that divorce is not an end but a new beginning.

We Listen. We Care. We Get Results.

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