Featured Small Business of the Week (SBW) is Chariti Gent Coaching and Consulting!

Feb 25, 2014

Now more than ever, it essential that we support our smaller local businesses to ensure their continued stability and success. At Krueger & Hernandez, we recognize this important responsibility and, in furtherance of our ongoing mission to help others, we have decided to help promote our smaller local businesses with –KH’s Small Business of the Week (“SBW”).

Help us … help our neighbors!

This week’s featured SBW is Chariti Gent Coaching and Consulting!


Chariti is a Professional Life Coach, Small
Business Consultant, and Leadership Development Specialist. She guides brave
and courageous souls toward living the life they are capable of, not the one
they are settling for…and has a dastardly good time while doing it!


She works with busy, modern women (and men!) who are stuck in a rut, looking to make a personal or professional change, or who know that there’s something not quite right in their life but they aren’t sure what it is or how to change it.

Services Offered:Individual Coaching, Group Coaching – Chariti’s Good Vibe Tribe, Keynote Speaking, Training, Facilitation


Do you think connecting with other positive, confident, like-minded souls each day would do you a world of good?  Are you ready to be inspired in a way that deeply connects you to a big-cheeky-smile-and-laugh-each-day kind of life?  Well then, join Chariti’s tribe! You’ll get a shot-in-the-arm of good juju, mojo, moxie, etc. to keep you fueled, mind-healthy, heart-happy, joyful and smiling confidently all month long! Interested? Select the button below for more details and to  SIGN YOUR BEAUTIFUL SELF UP!

Chariti Gent Coaching and Consulting

1250 Meadow Sweet Drive, Madison, WI 53719


Visit Their Website! www.charitigent.com

Like Them Facebook! www.facebook.com/charitigentcc

Email Chariti at: chariti@charitigent.com

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