Local Mock Trials Compete

Mar 6, 2019

There is an epigraph by Charles Lamb at the beginning of “To Kill a Mockingbird” that reads: “Lawyers, I suppose, were children once.” While Mr. Lamb might be the subject for a different time, children were in full force on January 19 as high school mock trial teams from across the state arrived at the Sauk County Courthouse. Hosted by the Lodi Mock Trial Team, the day was a warm up to the regional and state tournament which was the first weekend in March. I acted as one of the judges as teams paired off for a series of three trials over the course of the day. In each trial, teams would either act as attorneys and witnesses for the prosecution or defense of a school teacher charged with shooting an unarmed student. The “winner” of each trial would not necessarily be the team with the winning argument, but the team that utilized legal procedures and principles correctly. To that end, there is no verdict, but rather a score sheet for each attorney and witness during each portion of the trial.

I am pleased to state that if this day was any indication, the State Bar will be in excellent hands as subsequent generations rise through the ranks. It was thoroughly enjoyable to watch different personalities breathe life into their respective rolls. I remember more years ago than I would perhaps care to admit, participating in mock trial tournaments as a high school student. The lessons these students learn through their participation will stay with them as they continue on to college and beyond.

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