About Mark L. Krueger


In Memoriam

Mark L. Krueger
Founding Partner

Mark Krueger spent his career representing individuals with compassion and conviction. He co-founded Krueger & Hernandez with Michelle Hernandez, and together they built a firm that prides itself to be a safe haven for all of our clients, regardless of the legal issues involved.

Mark’s dedication to his profession not only earned him the recognition and respect of his staff, clients and community, but it also drove him to be one of just a few attorneys in the United States to represent vaccine recipients who suffered adverse reactions from across the country and globe. Taking on the challenges of this unique and extremely specialized area of law only amplified his wisdom, strength and tenacity. Mark always strove to do his very best, to live life to the fullest, and to appreciate the things in life that matter the most.

Today, Krueger & Hernandez continues to follow the path paved for us by our leader and mentor.

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