Client Testimonials

KH Team

“Tricia, Thank you for keeping me up with what’s going with your monthly newsletter.  I really like it!”

“The endorsed seminar you gave last week on estate planning was excellent.  I learned a great deal and plan to follow your suggestions.  The material you distributed will be most helpful and i look forward to sharing it with serveral friends who were unable to attend.  There is a definate need among individuals to become better informed on this topic.  Thank you again for such an informative and pleasant morning!”
– R.G.

One of our Featured Small Businesses of the Week mentioned that “Attention like this is wonderful! We appreciate being a segment of your promotion for small business. The SBW ad looks great!”
– J.W. (of the Del-Bar in Wisconsin Dells)

“Your firm is far more professional than the other law firms I visited with first”
– L. H.

“Hello Ms Tricia, Your voice and spirit radiated throught he two phone calls like a breath of FRESH AIR!  I have made countless phone calls and inquiries in the past four months and none of them compare to the way you made me feel. Thank You!  I hope this is an indication of how your law firm does business…Thank you kindly for being so professional and considerate.  I look forward to meeting you and the team soon and forging a long-term relationship with you all.”
– D.M.

“Thank you – being a featured business is a great honor from a great group of people!”
– The Old Fashioned

“Thank You for all the work you did for our family. Everyone in your office has been amazing to work with & we will always be grateful for what you all did for them.”
– A.L.

“Thanks so much for your help. As always all of you guys (gals) are FIRST CLASS!”
-B.F. & K.F.

“To the entire KH Staff, Thank you so very much for your kind words. They have been comforting for us in our time of grief and uplifting to us in thoughts of the future without him.”

“Tricia, Thanks for making the endorsed seminar happen.  I think Mark is very lucky to have you representing his firm.  I will try to push business your way whenever possible!  Thanks again!”

“To the KH Team, Thank you for your donation of 130 coffee cups. Your thoughtfulness and consideration are very much appreciated. Thank you again for your continued support of Porchlight and the many homeless persons we serve everyday.”
-Porchlight, Inc.

“Mark, Renee & Staff, Thank you for all the questions you have answered and for the time you have taken out of your days to deal with me. It is so appreciated.”

“Thank you so much for being so helpful with everything. Everyone here is so nice and has really made this process a pleasant one.”
– M.S.

“It was great having you guys at the conference, you were really funny and quite informative.”
-J.G. (An attendee of the Mock Trial done by the KH Team)

“I just thought that you would like to hear about your impressive staff. In fact everyone I have dealt with has been courteous and so prompt.”

“The person who answered the phone (Christan) was very professional, polite & pleasant.”

“I just love Renee so much – she’s the sweetest thing. I really enjoy working with your firm.”

“I’m very happy with how much you have done for me – it is way more than my other attorney ever did.”

“Great Big Thank You for all you guys did for us!”

“Mark replied to my call within 10 minutes and I was extremely impressed… Renee was great as well and she gave me some good ideas.”

“I want to thank you (Renee) for all your support and understanding through this. You have been very kind and understanding and I felt better after talking to you. You are a very compassionate person and a great listener. Thank you again for your help and guidance.”

“I want to say thanks to you (Renee) and Mark for all your work on this. We truly appreciate it. You guys are doing a wonderful job.”

“First, please let me again thank you and your staff for all of your efforts in getting us prepared for today’s hearing! The outcome was indeed a “home run” and I will be forever grateful!”

“Mark did a good job and I sincerely appreciate everything he has done.”

“My partner & I REALLY enjoy reading your newsletter that we receive it monthly via email.”

“Thank you (Mark) so much for everything you guys have done for us. You guys are awesome. We will highly recommend your firm to anyone that needs legal work done.”
-K.W. & R.W.

“Thank you for all you did for me – everything went fine – I’m just so grateful that you helped me.”

“Michelle, I’m sending a huge thank you to you and your staff for being so efficient! …what a relief.”

“I enjoy your newsletters, thanks for sending.”

“WOW, that’s great news. I am surprised – you (Renee) & Mark did a great job. I thought I’d have to pay more than I am.”

“Yeah! So glad it’s over!! I’m so grateful! Thank you so much and please tell Mark thank you for everything he did, you did and everyone at the firm did. I appreciate it very much.”

“I’m very happy with how I have been treated while using your firm. Everyone was always extremely nice, patient and helpful. I would highly recommend your firm to anybody that I know that needs legal work.”


“Mark, Thanks so much for your help and guidance.  Renee has been so helpful, responsive and knowledgeable.  We have an estate plan in place but as you know things change so we will definatly be coming to your firm to make any of those changes.  Again, we appriciate the KH team navigating the federal government waters for us!”
– J.M.

“Mark, I want to sincerely thank you and Renee for your work on my vaccine settlement. When this all began almost two years ago, I had no idea what to expect and am extremely pleased with your results. The settlement will go a long way toward replacing my lost margins during my illness and my year long loss of wages. Thanks again for your help!”
– G.S.

“Dear Mark and Renee, I am especially grateful for your assistance. Thank you both VERY much!”
– T.A.

“I want to thank Renee and Mark for all of their work in regard to this case. They both have always been receptive and easy to talk to and we do truly appreciate that.”

“Thanx to everyone involved in helping us to act on this vaccine award. I received the checks today. Thanx so much again, everyone was so nice to work with and helpful as well.”

“Thanks to everyone involved in helping us to act on this vaccine award. I received the checks today. Thanks so much again, everyone was so nice to work with and helpful as well.”
– BG & DG

Personal Injury & Worker’s Compensation

“I was very pleased with how Mark handled my situation and when we spoke i got the sense he is a very well-grounded person.  Also, i loved the monthly newsletter regarding taking care of your pets in your estate plan, so glad i made those arrangements in mine!.”
– S.S.

“Im very pleased with the way I have been treated by your firm.  I always receive professional courtesy each time I speak to you and I know your team is trying their best to get him the best outcome possible.
– L.S.

“Shelley and Stacie, thank you for all of your time, effort, and for working so hard on our behalf!”
– T.H.

“Everyone is such a pleasure to work with and you make things like death and taxes seem actually enjoyable.”
– G.S.

“Shelley and Mark, Thanks for sending that letter to my doctor to get him off his butt and help me. Thanks for all the work you both put into my case.”
– S.S

“Shelley, Thank you! You’ve been just awesome to work with. I think I really got lucky when my friends recommended your firm.”
– S.S.

“Mark and Shelley, I am thanking you for your hard work in helping me out.”
– S.Z.

After Shelley told a Personal Injury client about her final settlement figure. She said “I am so grateful for all that has been done and that you had said something me about this, otherwise there is no way I would have done anything”.

“I was happy to see from your newsletter that you did Personal Injury cases as well (as Worker’s Compensation) and I want to hire you for my PI case too. The newsletter was very well done, and very informative.”

“You (Shelley) made me feel so much better and I at least have some direction now. I would definitely recommend your firm.”

“I really want to work with you (on my personal injury case) because I see how well my wife was treated while being a client with your firm.”

“Thank you for the information (in the newsletter) related to accidents and insurance – great information. I would give serious consideration to Krueger & Hernandez if I was in an accident!”

Divorce & Family Law

“I am VERY happy with the developments from last Friday and I can NOT thank you enough for handling this stressful sensitive matter the past several months.  I really mean that.“
– M. L.

“After talking to Renee during my initial consultaion, she made my decision easy to use this firm.”
– S.N.

“Renee was wonderful to meet with today.  I’m happy to see an eager and sizeable team ready to take this on.  Until now, my husband and I have felt so alone with this battle.  Thank you all again!”
– D.M.

“I am so happy for all you did for me, and I really appreciate it.”
– L. S.

“Mark, KH Team, Thanks so much for all that your staff and selves have done for our family. Our children have changed a lot and they know that they are safe now. We wish we could tell you how much they have change for the better but it is very hard to put into words. They have told us that they are not afraid anymore. Once again thanks for all the help you have given us and for giving our children a safe and secure home.
– M.L., S.L., E.L., M.L., D.L., and A.L.

An opposing counsel of ours “Renee, I really enjoy working with you and Mark. I hope we get more cases together.”

“ I’m so pleased with the care Mark used in my case. My son retained Mark years ago and he was so pleased then, that I didn’t hesitate hiring Mark when I needed an attorney.”

“Mark, Thank you for your fine job of mediation. It has been a long haul but your services finally brought the matter to a close. Having had many mediators in prior cases, I have to say that you are one of the best I have had for my clients thus far. Thank you so much for volunteering your time and performing such an important service.”

“Renee, I sincerely appreciated all your hard work & attention during this difficult time. Your calls, support & keeping me informed eased my worries & stress greatly.”
With Gratitude

“To Mark and the staff at KH, I once again would like to thank all of you for making our boys safe.”

“Boy I wish I would have listened to Mark during my divorce. He really knows he is talking about. I really regret not listening.”

“Mr. Krueger is awesome. He’s the best. He’s been doing this a long time hasn’t he? He has this nice calming effect on people and he was prepared in court and my ex and his lawyer fumbled their way through it. Thank you so very much.”

Estate Planning

“It was an absolute pleasure working with you Michelle. Thank you again for your guidance, candor and support. You really did make what was a slight nightmare actually not terrible.” -C.W.

“Thank you to Michelle for all your help.  Much Appriciated!”
-R. E.

Attendees from a recent seminar called the presentation “Excellent and Worthwhile”.

“Michelle, We appreciate all the work you and your staff have done for us and would recommend your office to anyone looking for honest and conscientious workmanship. You have been invaluable to us! -D.W. & M.W.

“Thanks for the time you took today to review my trust. It was very helpful. I appreciate your assistance and careful attention to my situation.”
– D.B.

“I want to thank you for taking great care of our estate. It was great working with you.”
– J.J.

“Thanks again for all your help with our family’s trust and with the selling of the home. You made this difficult process much easier.”
– T.B.

“Thank you very much. Very efficient and timely!!! That’s why we do business with you.”

You made us have confidence in the firm and what we are doing with the trust is the right thing ….. Michelle and Mark are wonderful people!”

“I have had the pleasure of working with Krueger & Hernandez, both professionally and personally. Michelle was a life saver for my family when my father passed away. During such a difficult time, it is really important to be able to turn to someone you trust to offer guidance and support to every family member involved, and Krueger & Hernandez fit the bill. Michelle has also assisted me in preparing my legal documents to make life easier for my family in the future. Thank you, Michelle!”

“Hi! Thanks for all of your help on our trust. Keep up the good work.”

“Thank you for making this process (signing the Living Trust documents) as painless as possible!”

“Thank you for all of your help with putting together our trust. We’re so pleased to be working with you. Have a wonderful holiday season!”

“I’m really glad we did this Trust and I’m really glad we did it with you guys! It’s been a really good experience. Merry Christmas!”

“We did this (signed Living Trust documents) once before with an attorney in Illinois, but the process was much more fun with you!”

“Very professional, and interesting, newsletter – good information re the estate planning.”

“I just wanted to say thanks for all the work you and your staff did in assisting in the closing of our new home. The closing went extremely smooth and quick! It takes longer to go through the process of renting a car than it took to close. It was a pleasure working with you.”
-S.P.& M.P.

“Michelle is amazing – she did such a good job for us. We really appreciated her doing all she did for our family.”

“You are very good and seem very in tune with the legal aspect of everything.”

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