Distracted Driving: Facts and Stats

/ By: chrisb

Category: Personal Injury

Distracted driving comes in many forms. While most people are familiar with texting and driving, there are other types to be aware of: Talking on a cell phone Personal grooming Eating Talking to passengers Using...

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LGBT Estate Planning: Overcome all Challenges

/ By: Michelle Hernandez, Estate Planning Attorney of Krueger & Hernandez SC

Category: Estate Planning

Are you a member of the LGBT community? Are you concerned about what this means from an estate planning perspective? There are steps you can take now to ensure that you don’t get shut out...

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Drunk Driving in Wisconsin Remains a Problem

/ By: Mark Krueger, Trial Lawyer of Krueger & Hernandez SC

Category: Automobile Accidents

Regardless of the location, drunk driving is drunk driving. However, some states have more trouble controlling this activity than others. Despite the many laws in place to fight against drunk driving, there will always be...

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